COVID Update

Now the restaurants are open we thought we would give you the details on how we are doing everything to keep you guys safe.


To ensure our restaurants are as safe a possible we have made some changes at Pi in accordance with all the government guidelines for the reopening of our restaurants on the 4th July 2020


T A B L E  S E R V I C E

We have always offered table service (we like to look our customers like that) So rest assured we will keep looking after you and bringing you whatever you need while you stat sales seated. 


O U R  T E A M

Wellbeing checks will happen regularly for all members of staff and strict 2m where possible, 1m if not possible, social distancing will be in place on the restaurant floor and in the kitchen. 


H Y G E I N E 

Our staff have been trained on new rigorous cleaning protocols. And we have lots of hand sanitising stations available for staff and customers


F E W E R  T A B L E S

To ensure that we meet the guidelines we have fewer tables, but we have also bee able to introduce outside seating (the New Winchester garden is looking beautiful) 


B O O K I N G 

Booking in advance is advisable. We encourage you to book a table. 


C O N T A C T  D E T A I L S

Contact details

We will be taking contact details to help with track and trace


N O T  F E E L I N G  W E L L ?

If you or someone in your household has displayed any signs of illness, we kindly ask you to stay home and stay safe. The safety of our team and our customers is paramount.